rescue blanket, emergency blanket

rescue blanket, emergency blanket
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Plastic Emergency Blanket
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1 piece
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Mon, 15 Dec 2014 15:03:12 GMT


  • Properties Medical Polymer Materials & Products

  • Type General Medical Supplies

  • Name rescue blanket, emergency blanket

  • Material PET

  • Color silver or golden

  • Size 120x210 cm, 130x210 cm, 140x210 cm, 150x210cm, 160x210cm or etc

  • Certificate CE, ISO

  • Feature Windproof & waterproof & against coldness

  • Production time within 5 days for 100-2000 pcs

  • Sample Existing sample is free

  • Brand BESHION

  • MOQ 100 pcs

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 piece


rescue blanket, emergency blanket
1,Material: Aluminized, non-stretch
2,Size: 130/140/150/160*210cm


rescue blanket, emergency blanket


Material:  Aluminized, non-stretch polyester

Colour: Golden or silver

Size:  120x210 cm, 130x210 cm, 140x210 cm, 150x210cm, 160x210cm or etc

Certificate: CE, ISO



  •  Use to keep warm and reflect lights,windproof and waterproof
  • The silver side protect the body from the heat, the gold side protect the body from the cold.
  •  It is suitable for the camping strip or the outdoor sport.


  • This Emergency Blanket provides personal protection from rain, wind, heat, and cold.
  • It's made from PET, extremely lightweight, flexible, space-age material. It can retain up to 90% body heat in cold weather.
  • It even deflects heat in hot climates and can be used to offset hypothermic reactions.
  • The Emergency Blanket is waterproof, reusable, and portable. It's perfect for camping trips and sporting events in addition to emergencies.

Keep several on hand for the unexpected



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rescue blanket, emergency blanketrescue blanket, emergency blanketrescue blanket, emergency blanketrescue blanket, emergency blanket